CarboCom GmbH
CarboCom GmbH

About the Company:

CarboCom GmbH is a German company working in the carbon field and is supplying graphite, different qualities of calcined pitch and petroleum-cokes as well as other calcined carbon materials into various industries. To fulfill the demand of our customers, we purchase regularly on a worldwide basis the before mentioned commodities.

Our Products:

CarboCom's products are applied in steelworks, foundries as well as in the chemical and aluminium industry. Our raw materials are purchased from sources all over the world and processed in certified plants for the national and international market.

Our suppliers and our processing plant comply with the highest standards of quality.
That is why we are always able to offer you our products at a high-quality level and at the most competitive price.


Carbocom GmbH (administrative HQ)
Lennestr. 1
82340 Feldafing

Telefon: +49 8157 93960

Fax:+49 8157 93960


Our Processing plant is located in Castrop Rauxel.

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